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 Xavier Sox

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PostSubject: Xavier Sox   Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:21 am

Name: Xavier Sox

Age: 25 (Earth years)

Race: Human/vulcan

Family: Father Ambassador William Zane Sox (Ret.), Mother S’Rissa (deceased)

Current rank: Ensign of the Britannian Armada

Xavier was born to a Human father and a Vulcan mother. His parents meet on the Deep Space 9 where S’Rissa was stationed and regularly lectured at the Cybernetics and Nano-Technology Conferences hosted there, while a now retired William Zane Sox spent most of his time on the Promenade. His father was once a well known diplomat full of charisma and flare with the wits to barter with a Ferengi and get the better side of the deal, while his mother was a leading figure in the Cybernetics and Nano-Technology field and studied the work of the famous Dr. Noonien Soong. Over the course of time, William being the charismatic diplomat convinces S’Rissa to join him in several outings, and as time passed they grew very close and eventually they wed and bore a son. Xavier was born on DS9, however shortly after his birth S’Rissa was taking a small transport vessel to Earth for a Cybernetics Seminar when an engine malfunction caused the small transport’s warp coil to breach killing the 5 crewmembers aboard. Williamr unable to raise his Vulcan son alone sent him to his grandparents back at Vulcan, where Xavier built his ability to control his emotions and expand his knowledge of the universe through the Vulcan Teachings. At the age a 15 Xavier returned to his father at Deep Space 9, where he spent most of his young adult life. For the next 5 years Xavier spent his time with his father who tried to teach him the finer points of socialism to help eliminate the social awkwardness that usually comes from being a Vulcan. At the age of 21 Xavier enlisted in Starfleet where he perused an education in Security and is now looking for a fleet willing to recruit a fresh Academy Graduate.
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Xavier Sox
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