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 USS Gideon

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PostSubject: USS Gideon   Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:00 pm

The Gideon is a Curry Class Starship.

USS Gideon

Affiliation: Federation Starfleet

Class: Curry

Registration: NCC – 3767

Type: Cruiser

Commissioned: 2409

Decks: Unknown

Length: 383.41 meters

Width: 195.64 m

Height: 148.50 m

Mass: Unknown

Crew Complement: 290

Speed Warp 9.75 (possible at extreme risk)

Warp 9.75 (12 hours)

Warp 9.0 (max cruise)

Warp 6.5 (initial average cruise)

Armament: 10 Type XII Phaser Arrays; 2 Photon Torpedo launchers; 40
Photon Torpedoes

Defences: Deflector Shield; Starfleet Cloaking Device

Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Woz D Rolland

First Officer: Commander Richard Fletcher

Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Steven Halkyard

Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Ben Robinson

Engineering: Lieutenant Commander Steven Gaines

Helm: Lieutenant George F Rotic

Counsellor: Lieutenant Oliver Kyle

Medical Officer: Lieutenant Keith Allay
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USS Gideon
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