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 Tellus Fisher

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PostSubject: Tellus Fisher   Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:30 pm

Name: Tellus Fisher

Age: 52 (Earth years)

Race: Human/vulcan

Family: Father Bill Fisher (Deceased), Mother T'Meni (missing presumed dead)

Current rank: Fleet Captain

Tellus was born to a Human father and a Vulcan mother. His parents meet on the USS.Merlin while the ship was transporting a Vulcan ambassador to Cardassia for talks. His father was one of the Engineers onboard while his mother was a advisor to the ambassador. Over the cource of the journey they grew very close and eventually his mother feel pregnant. Tellus was born on the USS Merlin where his mother gave him his name, however shortly after his birth they arrived at Cardassia and his mother had to leave. Tellus then traveled back to Earth with his father where he was brought up. Tellus childhood was difficult because of his multi-special heritiage, and without a Vulcan to raise him Tellus never learned to suppress his emotions. At the age a 14 Tellus father died, leaving Tellus with a close friend, it was at this time that Tellus sought information about his mother. Going through several channels he finally discovered that his mother had gone missing along with the ambassador on Cardassia, reports believed that then had been taken hostage by a rebel faction who wanted to see the talks fail. Realising that he had nothing left on Earth for him Tellus enlisted in Starfleet and trained to become a Medic, it was at this time then he was assigned to the United Brittanian Fleet as a cadet. When asked what his motives were for joining Starfleet Tellus simple said that he had to find something that was lost to him. Tellus is rather difficult to get along with as he has a cynical outlook on life and rarely lets anything about his personal life slip, which he feels his how a captain should act.
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Tellus Fisher
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