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 Sovak Background

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PostSubject: Sovak Background   Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:21 pm

Work In Progress
Name: Sovak
Age: 53
Place of Birth: Vulcan, ShiKahr
Rank: Cadet in the United Britannian Fleet
Division: Unassigned

Academy Training:

General Studies, Sciences and Medical

Cadet Cruise:

Sovak was enlisted to the USS Callisto for his cadet cruise. Upon reaching the end of the year long training cruise, Sovak decided to not enlist in Command School and remained aboard the Callisto where he serves to this day.


Sovak was born on the outskirts of the Vulcan Capital, ShiKhar. During his early years he struggled with his emotions due to the loss of his brother, Sulvok. His brother had decided to ignore his Vulcan heritage due to a disagreement with their father. He left the planet aboard a travelling merchant vessel and has not been heard from since.

After 30 years of training on Vulcan, Sovak reached the ritual of Venlinahr. Even though he now had control over his emotions, his thoughts continued to that of his brother. After only a few days of completing the ritual he informed his family of his intentions to join Starfleet. His father attempted to point out the flawed logic in Sovak's decision however he could not be dissuaded.
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Sovak Background
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