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 USS Rapture

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PostSubject: USS Rapture   Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:44 pm

The USS Rapture is a standard Discovery class vessel

She is brand new and thus has no upgrades or modifications to her. she does the job that she was built to do nothing more

Here are her specs:

Overall Length: 355 meters
Overall Draft: 80 meters (subspace stance); 64 meters (warp stance)
Overall Beam: 135 meters
Displacement: 715,000 metric tons

Defensive Systems:
Advanced Deflector Array
Improved Sensors and Targeting Lock
Reinforced Shield Generators
Reinforced Tritanium Alloy Hull

Cruising: Warp Factor 8
Maximum: Warp Factor 9.995

Offensive Systems:
Fore and Aft Type X Phaser Arrays
Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers
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USS Rapture
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