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 USS Indomitable

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Vasily Pasternyak


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PostSubject: USS Indomitable   Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:31 am

The USS Indomitable is an Prometheus class Starship, it will go into service for the Britainnian Tactical Armada, under the Command of Vasily Pasternyak, a Tactical officer from the Volga river basin in Russia. Vasily named the ship himself after the Iron will of the Red Army during WWII

Captain: RAdm. Vasily Pasternyak
First Officer: Capt. Fereo Laren (Bajoran, Female)
Science: LtCmdr. T'Var (Vulcan, Male)
Ops: Lt. Thon (Andorian, Male)
Tactical: Lt. Samuel Reed (Human, Male)
Engineering: Lt. David Shepard (Human, Male)
Medical: Cmdr. Naomi Hunter (Human, Female)
Security: Cmdr. Anya Pasternyak (Romulan, Female)
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USS Indomitable
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