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 Vasily Pasternak

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Vasily Pasternyak


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PostSubject: Vasily Pasternak   Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:25 pm

Name: Vasily Pasternak



Division: Tactical

Half Sister: Anya Pasternyak

Spouse: Naomi Hunter

Current Rank: Rear Admiral

Vasily, grew up in a military family and has a grudge with the borg since one of his ancestors was and died at Wolf 359 or at least that's the officical report. His Parents are both Starfleet officers but his mother died three years ago, his father on the other hand is an Admiral in Starfleet command, so he has a lot running on his career, he also had a member of his family fight in Afganistan when the Soviet Union invaded, as a Hind Pilot, he was shot down and kill later in the operation. He has a younger sister Anya that is looking to become and Engineer in Starfleet, but Vasily won't let her since he is already joining, he wants to keep her safe so someone can carry on the family, his sister is a half sister, and Anya is half human, half Romulan. Vasily, has not spoken to his father since he remarried, but he still takes care of his half sister.
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Vasily Pasternak
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