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 Satansslave's Bio

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PostSubject: Satansslave's Bio   Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:20 pm

Work In Progress, Let Me No What You Think.

Name: Satansslave

Age: 26 Earth Years

Born: Earth

Species: Human

Bio: My life... It is only by luck and disobedience that i am still here today. As a
boy i was forever being moved from one end of the galaxy to the other. My
mother and father worked on a cargo ship delivering medical supplies.

I was forever being told "Stop Playing In The Escape Pods" but for me it was a
place to escape from all the other adults, they did nothing but ignore me
anyway and when they did speak to me it was to say "Get Out Of Here" or
"Move Your Blocking The Hallway".

At the time i never understood star date but i was around 7 years old when our
cargo ship was attacked by Klingons. All i remember was the adults running,
computer consoles failing and coolant leaking from behind broken wall panels.

From the escape pod i remember seeing adult laying on the floor and
remember the vibration of the ship under phaser fire. Then came a voice, It
was the Capitan, but only a voice "This is the Capitan, All hands to the escape
pods". After that order the panels in the escape pod all lit up and started

I waited, no one came. I didnt no how to operate the computer panel. Only by
luck i pressed the only button that flashed green and with that i was blasted
away from the ship. i remember seeing the cargo ship get smaller and smaller
and then i was blinded by the brightest light i had ever seen. when the light
settled i could see nothing but the darkness of space.

I woke up to a star fleet officer opening my escape pod. I was taken to sick
bay where i was given the OK then i was given a place to sleep and food to eat
for the trip back to earth.

It wasnt until i was returned to my aunt on earth that it finaly sunk in, My
parents died in that cargo ship. I felt such sadness, I felt such hatred towards
the Klingons. Some day i will get back at them for what they did.

years later It took me three attempts to pass my starfleet tests. driven to
starfleet by my hunger to get back at the Klingons, it took a wile for starfleet
to mold me into an ideal cadet.

Finally here i am, an Ensign. I will work through the ranks, I will get my own
command, I will get REVENGE!!!!

just couple questions... 1) how do i add an animated signature 2) how do i get a fleet ranked avatar??

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Posts : 6
Join date : 2009-11-20
Age : 35
Location : Suffolk, England, UK

PostSubject: Re: Satansslave's Bio   Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:56 pm

kooool Avatar and signature sorted.
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Satansslave's Bio
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