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 Issac Riley

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PostSubject: Issac Riley   Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:07 am

this is a work in progress do bare with me
Issac Riley born June 13th 2390 to Kairi and Joan Riley. Both his parents were charge with the task to create augmented human( super-beings) off the work and data of the first tries in the early 21th century, but after a few long years they come up with what up with the perfect formula for their research, as any story through the long years and long nights together they fall in love. But as their progress grows slower and demand for a result starts to increase they have no test subjects they decide to become their own test subjects and they take their first and last sample of their formula not knowing yet that Kairi is pregnant with Issac. After seeing no result from their research their project is shut down and nine months later Issac is born and as they overjoyed at the birth of their son they do not know that all their research is now apart of their son. 5 years later pass and his father teaches him everything he needs to know bout how to survive and whats important and always remembering to say " I know you don't get why any of this is important right now but when you go up and begin to make ur own life at least when you get there as their you will be able to protect it and cherish it like it should be" and as the 5th year passes life begins to settle down. They go on a family reunion trip with all their family in attendance no one is the family is not there and as their cruise ship flies through space a Gorm battle cruiser mistakes their ship for a Klingon battleship and begins it as assault on the ship know that the ship isnt going to last long Issac's parents force him into the only working escape pod and say their last good byes to their son and launches the pod off in to space and safety. As the pods speeds away from the scene Issac looks back in time to see the ship with all his family on it explode leaving only scrapes of the ship and the Gorm battle cruiser warping away leaving him alone speeding away in space. 3 days later he is found by Starfleet Cruiser near death. Fast forward 11 years: Year 2406 through the 11 years after the death of his family he is put in every orphanage in the Federation but he is reckless and nobody will take him when he decides to join StarFleet Academy. Issac is 16 years old and just entered into StarFleet Academy he excels in everything the Academy has to offer especially in the physical classes. Fast forward to 2408 as one of the few cadets to graduate from StarFleet Academy early. He is deployed to The United Britannian Fleet Tactical Armada Division and is given the rank of captain of the division and of the U.S.S. Abaddon waiting to explore the universe his mother and father loved so much.
thats it for now

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Issac Riley
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