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 Woz Douglas Rolland

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Rear Admiral Rolland


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PostSubject: Woz Douglas Rolland   Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:13 pm


Name: Woz Douglas Rolland
Current Rank known: Rear Admiral
Born: York, Yorkshire, England
Age: 60 years
Race: Half Vulcan, Half Human

Phys. Features: Darkish Brown hair and slightly Muscular tone.

Previous assignment: Acting Captain, USS Dominator, NCC-71033-A
Previous assignment: Engineering Officer, USS Challenger, NCC-71099-A
Previous assignment: Acting Cheif Engineer, USS Challenger, NCC-71099-A
Previous assignment: Captain, USS Bumblebee, NCC-1707
Current assignment: Captain, USS Dominator, NCC-71033-A

Criminal Record: 2181, Activates unauthorized Starfleet distress call, to the 10th fleet.

Current Medical Conditions: Insevere Burns to the right arm and Broken foot.
Further examination: No other medical conditions found.

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Woz Douglas Rolland
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