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 Captain John Tyre

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PostSubject: Captain John Tyre   Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:42 pm

This is a work in progress:

Name: John Tyre
Born: February 28, 2379
Birthplace: New York
half human/half Bajoran
Parents: Grover and Lorrain Tyre...Both with StarFleet
Father Research Officer and Mother Medical Officer/ships counselor.
My father met my mother in 2369 aboard his ship the U.S.S. Faraday. My mother was a Bajoran and my father fell in love with her. 10 yrs later I was born, as I got older he would tell me stories of Bajor and of the great battles that were fought. About some of the Great Captains in StarFleet and one who he had a great friendship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Bedtime stories were always nice and my father had a way of getting me to go to sleep.
I would go with my father on some of his missions and would learn all I could from people on the ship. When I hit 16 I was off to StarFleet Academy it was hard saying good-bye to my family and friends but this was something I wanted to do since I could remember.
My studies were hard but I did my best to excell at whatever they threw at me, I had a classmate Steven Riker who at the time I did not understand who he was, until a friend told me he was The William Rikers son. Well we were introduced and became fast friends. We did everything together and in our 2nd year at the Academy we were both sent to the U.S.S. Faraday for some advanced training.
We were to go to Cestus 2 to see if there was any life on that planet. Since the treaty with the Gorn on Cestus 3 the Federation wanted to check on the colonists at well. We arrived and were greated by the Cestusines the indigenous race of the planet. They looked almost human and had a power within them that cloaked their entire civilization from the Gorn.
My father became friends with the Chief of the Cestusines and in return for my father's help they would tell him of their power, all they wanted in return was to be part of the Federation. While on the planet I met Alisa who I found out was the Chiefs daughter. We became friends and I told her I would come back as soon as I could.
My father returned to the Federation with the request and the new technology they gave him and in return the Federation promoted my father to Commodore.
I went back to the Academy and graduated 2 yrs later. At this time I was put on the U.S.S Faragut to go back to Cestus 2 with a Federation Dignatary to talk about induction into the Federation. After arriving I was met by Alisa who asked me if she could come with me back to Earth. I spoke to her father and as a condition of her leaving we had to marry.
So on March 20,2400 we were married on Cestus 2 and we left to return to Earth. On arriving home I introduced my new bride to my parents and they were receptive of the marriage. Soon after Alisa joined StarFleet Academy and excelled in Science, in 2404 my father died and my mother moved back to New York. Alisa and I moved to New York also and started our life. Up until 2409 things were great then news came of the Gorn being spotted in the Cestus area and the Klingons as well. Since we have colonists on Cestus 3 the Federation promotes me to Captain and gives me my new ship the U.S.S. Zephyrus a Sovereign class starship(refit) and send me and my crew to Cestus to check on Cestus 2 and the colonists on Cestus 3.
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Captain John Tyre
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